august 27, 2016

today i went to the bank and made a deposit of $92.00 because i’m a financially responsible young adult, and i understand that $92.00 is a really weird amount of money to deposit but it’s fine. so whenever i go to the bank, i always physically enter the building because bank drive-thrus make me feel nervous. i used to go through the drive-thru at the bank with my dad when i was like four and they’d shoot a scary tube at you and like expect to put your money inside of the tube or something so they could suck up your money, IDK. i don’t really remember the entirety of the process, but they always gave me big ass stickers and i put the stickers all over the windows of our ugly purple toyota and the sticker residue didn’t come off so we sold the car for a newer, less ugly one. anyway, today i was walking up to the bank and this old lady was walking in front of me. little did i know, i was about to have an interaction with THE rudest, most passive-aggressive lady on the whole fucking planet. MOST PEOPLE hold the door open for you if you are walking like, five feet behind them. i was walking like 2 feet behind this lady (because old people walk slow) and i expected her to hold the door for me, but NOPE. she opened the door to the bank JUST FAR ENOUGH to slide her tiny body through and THEN DELIBERATELY CLOSED IT BEHIND HER, DIRECTLY IN MY FACE LIKE WHO THE FUCK?????? i was in shock but i gave her the benefit of the doubt, i was like ok maybe she didn’t see me behind her???? so i like walked a little closer behind her to see if she’d hold open the second set of doors, but SHE PULLED THE SAME SHIT AGAIN??? SHE OPENED? THE DOOR? SEVEN? FUCKING INCHES? AND SQUEEZED? HER TINY ASS BODY? THROUGH THE CRACK IN THE DOOR? AND CLOSED IT RIGHT IN MY FACE?!!!?? AGAIN?!? like i’m not saying that i’m like hot shit or anything and that i think everyone should have to hold the fucking door open for me but like have some goddamn courtesy???? it’s really not that hard?? like was she just really unaware of her surroundings??? does she have some sort of weird vendetta against the youth??? like???  i don’t even know but i was in complete shock and i really thought that i was on punk’d. and that was my experience today with the rudest lady i’ve ever met in my entire life. thank you and goodnight.